Bob Becker. Marta Hayden. Dave Hinton. Three legends in the Association Management community whose passion, dedication and legacy to our industry will forever grace the conference rooms, workspaces and halls of Bostrom. We count ourselves exceptionally lucky to have had all three share their talents and expertise with Bostrom as employees, board members and/or partners. This powerhouse trifecta was integral in the creation and development of the Association Forum’s Holiday Showcase, which has become one of the premier annual events for the Chicagoland association community.

Upon reading the Association Forum’s recent article, Holiday Showcase: A Retrospective, many of our Bostrom staff were whisked down memory lane, remembering the wonderful presence and contributions Bob, Marta and Dave brought to Bostrom “back in the day” and sharing those special stories with colleagues newer to Bostrom’s halls.

Bob Becker joined Bostrom to serve as Executive Director for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) during its formative years as an association. ASCO thrived and grew to such a large scale under Bob’s leadership that it eventually transitioned to a stand-alone organization – a model that Bostrom continues to view as successful for both our clients and our company, proudly serving as an incubator for our associations to thrive and soar to new heights. Bob would eventually buy the company from Glenn Bostrom in 1996 and continued to be a trusted and loyal friend to Bostrom until his passing in March of 1999.

Marta Hayden was hired in 1999 to serve as Bostrom’s first official Business Development Specialist and was integral in positioning Bostrom for the development and expansion of our service offerings. We will forever view Marta as a key player in leading Bostrom toward a new era of offering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional experiences that grow and transform our clients’ organizations. Many of our staff had the pleasure of connecting with Marta at this year’s Holiday Showcase, and she continues to be a valued and esteemed partner with Bostrom.

Dave Hinton, fondly remembered as one of Bostrom Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ken Monroe’s dearest friends, trusted advisors and confidants, became a partner with Bostrom in December of 2000 to help reinfuse the company with a new energy and vision. Integral in the strategic advancement, oversight and growth of Bostrom, Dave remained a board member through his passing in March of 2010.

As we begin the start of a promising new year, we reflect upon and are grateful for the memories and gifts that Bob, Marta and Dave have given to Bostrom and the industry that we are all so proud to be a part of.

Please take a moment to read Association Forum’s article Holiday Showcase: A Retrospective