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Bostrom is a leading association management firm that provides consulting, outsourcing and comprehensive management to professional societies, trade associations, foundations and other not-for-profits. We pride ourselves on being a 90-year start-up, meaning everything our team does is driven by our Agile Association Management™ model and mindset; we use a flexible, collaborative approach to provide cutting-edge solutions that transform the organizations we are proud to support!

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Our 90 Year Story


Storms & Wescott created to assist non-profits with financial management – female owned. Minita Wescott built company to manage finances for non-profits in a multi-client environment.


Glenn Bostrom, with more than 25 years of association and community service experience, purchases Storms & Wescott, known today as Bostrom. Glenn created significant change in the association management company industry. Most notable of his work was that of his unique, multiple management approach that tied all functions to a unified accounting code. The system has been integrated into a new infrastructure and is still used today.

1963 – 1965

1965: Minita Wescott became the first President of the newly created Multiple Association Management Institute (MAMI) know today as the AMC Institute.


Opened Washington, DC office.


Phil Lesser, PhD, CAE becomes Chair of the Association Forum.


  • Glenn Bostrom receives ASAE’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Robert E. Becker, JD, CAE receives Samuel B. Shapiro Award for Chief Staff Executive Achievement from the Association Forum.


  • Ken Monroe, former COO of the American Medical Association, joins Bostrom becoming President
    and CEO in 2001 .
  • First AMC to launch a separate Consulting division becoming a comprehensive professional services firm targeted to large and small associations.


Glenn Bostrom receives AMC Institute (AMCi) Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. AMCi regularly presents an award named The Glenn W. Bostrom Award for Service, Quality and Excellence, an honor to his professional and lasting contributions to association management.


Ken Monroe named Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Bostrom and Randy Lindner becomes President. John Dee becomes COO retaining his CFO position as well.


  • John Dee becomes second Bostrom employee to serve as Chair of the AMC Institute.
  • Randy Lindner joins ASAE Board of Directors for three year term.


Glenn Bostrom passes away – a legend in the industry.


Trademarked Agile Association Management as a nimble approach to association management to adapt to a digital, fast-paced environment of change.


Dede Gish-Panjada becomes Chair of the AMC Institute.


Jeanne Sheehy becomes Chair of the AMC Institute.


John Dee becomes CEO of Bostrom!

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