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Our inclusive culture encourages our people to bring their authentic, whole selves to work. We respect and value the uniqueness of each member of the Bostrom team and are committed to cultivating a workplace that is welcoming to all. At Bostrom, we believe diversity drives innovation.

Bostrom employees posing with musical props

Employees of the Month

Portrait of Ivana Brigneti

Ivana Brigneti

Head and shoulders image of Alexander Lula

Lauren Diekhoff

Ivana Brigneti and Lauren Diekhoff are Bostrom’s March Employees of the Month for their excellent work on DONA’s Board Meeting last month. Thanks for going above and beyond to ensure the meeting was a success!

Employee Spotlight

A Day in the Life

Our very own Madison McDonnell takes you through a day in the life of working at Bostrom.

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Bostrom Cares

Our Partnership with My Block, My Hood, My City

The world is changing day by day and Bostrom Cares initiatives are changing right along with it. My Block, My Hood, My City was founded in Chicago in 2015 to provide underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood.

My Block, My Hood, My City Members walking down sidewalk

Wellness Calls for Seniors

Money Raised Through Virtual 5K

Money Raised/Donated to M3 from Trivia Night

Hours Facilitating a Business Model Canvas Project

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