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Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in a short time. Already, tools are available to transform manufacturing processes, drive innovation in healthcare, and deliver many more improvements across various industries. Several AI technologies are already being utilized to enhance a wide range of operations for associations specifically.

From increasing member engagement to optimizing staff workflows, the list of potential benefits of implementing AI goes on and on. Below, we’ll briefly examine a few ways associations can put AI to work for their members.

Engaging current association members and attracting new ones takes a strong marketing strategy. Fortunately, the advancements of AI over recent years have produced constructive tools to support all manner of marketing endeavors. For instance, predictive analytics can help an association by tracking the performance of existing marketing efforts and identifying areas of improvement within specific processes and approaches. It does so using the power of big data and machine learning to perform in-depth analysis.

Furthermore, it can even make suggestions on boosting performance now and in the future. This could be by generating messages designed to better resonate with the target audience or by pinpointing ways to extend reach on certain marketing platforms. When all is said and done, incorporating the remarkable capabilities of predictive analytics into an association’s marketing efforts has the potential to enrich engagement, improve membership retention, and expand so many more aspects of promoting the association.

Another way AI can be of use to associations is by reshaping the conference experience. So many associations rely on conferences to raise awareness among existing members and even draw in new ones. AI tools can help boost this experience and the overall engagement even further.

AI tools can help expand conference management efforts and refine the content of future conferences…

One example is through improved conference programming. By collecting valuable data, these AI tools can help expand conference management efforts and refine the content of future conferences for enhanced results. From attendee demographics to which topics garnered the most interest, gathering and analyzing these data insights can make catering to member interests easier and more effective going forward.

AI can also revolutionize virtual conferences by creating an interactive experience more similar to the engagement found at traditional conferences. Using an AI chatbot as a personal guide, attendees can enjoy a more anonymous-feeling experience with opportunities to ask questions and find support currently unavailable with virtual conferences.

These benefits merely scratch the surface of what AI has in store for associations. For further information on using AI to improve member engagement, please see the accompanying resource from Association Analytics.


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Julie Sciullo is CEO of Association Analytics and founder of Acumen. Under Sciullo’s leadership, Acumen is the No. 1 provider of data and analytics software to the association community. In her role, and through the introduction of Acumen, she has set out to change how associations do business by allowing them to use data to make decisions with confidence and leverage insights that drive engagement and profitability.

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