Certification & Accreditation

For many professions and industries, credentialing is a key fact of their existence. Not only does it demonstrate competency or expertise to peers in the field, but it also validates to the public an individual’s or firm’s qualifications in and commitment to a certain specialty.

We realize the importance of a well-run, high-integrity credentialing process. Often, the credentialing body of an organization is a separate entity, with its own governing board. Bostrom staff members are sensitive to the issue of both the credentialing board and the board of the partner organization.

CertifiedSpecifically Bostrom will:

  • Provide credentialing information, materials and tests to appropriate candidates.
  • Monitor information and procedures and update as needed.
  • Promote the value of credentialing within the profession or industry and to the public.
  • Facilitate the entire credentialing process, through board direction.
  • Facilitate strategic development of new credentialing programs.

Members of Bostrom’s senior management and staff have extensive experience in the development and management of credentialing programs. That experience includes development of certification, standards, accreditation and licensure programs from the ground up.

Bostrom’s team assigned to this account has done an extraordinary job in each essential facet of association management.  It has provided both exceptionally effective staff leadership and has developed a level of member engagement that would be hard to imagine achieving without Bostrom in the picture.  We are simply not large enough to afford this level of talent and depth of support on our own.  This “bench strength” is one of our most valued benefits of the relationship…from solid financial management to organizing sound governance, conference planning, member productivity, timely communication and advocacy.

Dr. Keith Knapp

Chairman, National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards