With two weeks in Hawaii for business (and vacation) and a week in Austin, my blog has been on hiatus — but I’m back in the midst of a million and one programs and projects.  In a recent Bostrom presentation, I incorporated a marketing technology map to help show the chaotic marketing/communications/technology landscape:marketing-landscape2

According to Gartner Research, CMOs are beginning to outspend CTOs (and without an end to new players/tools entering the market), how do marketers choose wisely, stay on top of technology and continue to implement programs that have impact, achieve goals and increase ROI? At Bostrom, we manage more than 20 professional societies and trade associations and that includes creating and running print, digital, email, social campaigns — for branding, meetings, membership, education, certification and much more.

How do we create order in chaos?  (Can we?) I thrive in chaos and change and I probably create more chaos than is necessary but I honestly don’t know any other way to work. I’ve always been involved in marketing and technology and the chaos has been constant but the rate today is definitely getting unmanageable – or I’m just getting older! Both I believe.

We are in the midst of selecting a marketing automation vendor that meets our needs and those of our clients.  The new tools are phenomenal but no one technology is going to do everything we need so prioritizing our goals and feature sets was job #1.  I’ll have more to say after our implementation, but just wanted to let people know that in the chaotic journey of choosing a technology that automates emarketing, tracks analytics and behavior, and integrates into databases, social media networks and websites, there was chaos but hopefully with an end result being order…………time will tell!