After maintaining its own staff for 60 years, the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) determined it required an infusion of new thinking to achieve its growth plan.

Only one year after working with us, the AAAM successfully launched:

New Branding
New Website
Communications Strategy

“We have successfully introduced several processes into AAAM’s marketing and planning mix.”

Katie Keel
Executive Director,  AAAM

The Process of Understanding Where We Are and Where We Want to Be

The overall process began with a clear understanding of AAAM’s goals, audiences, resources, and timeline.

A multi-disciplinary professional organization, the AAAM is dedicated to saving lives and eliminating road traffic injuries through scientific research, authoritative educational programs, public policy recommendations, and the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) coding, training and certification. Its international membership is highly varied: from trauma surgeons and engineers, to auto industry and road safety professionals.

Over the course of 24 weeks, the Bostrom team:

Assessed AAAM’s technology capabilities and requirements
Reviewed data sources (AMS, CMS, LMS, social/community activity, and website analytics)
Conducted a communications audit
Recommended improvements to AAAM’s online presence

“To help AAAM pursue its goal of enhancing communications and engagement with members, the Bostrom team conducted a thorough review of every facet of the organization”

Jeanne Sheehy
CMO,  Bostrom

The Results are the Early Successes that Build the Foundation for Growth

The new website features current usability standards with clear “calls to action.” It is responsive on any device and all AAAM data is integrated into a single data source. Since the site launch, the website has attracted 10,559 unique visitors who spend an average time on the site of three minutes and thirty seconds. Thirty-seven percent of the visitors are from outside the U.S. (Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.) A new brand/logo launched along with – and on – the new website.

Six months later, Bostrom developed an integrated marketing program and built out a content marketing calendar that reflects results from the communications audit as well as how to build and sustain a variety of membership categories (and audiences and prospects).

One of the key elements of any strong website is a “Call to Action” (CTA). After AAAM introduced its CTA feature for its Inroads newsletter, nearly 200 people signed up to receive it, increasing readership by 50% percent. Anecdotally, AAAM has generated greater awareness for the organization, how people can become members and keep them engaged once they are members.

More Than Tripled Member Engagement

With these strategic, foundational elements in place, AAAM is well-positioned to ramp up its communications. In a span of six months, Bostrom helped AAAM go from engaging an audience of 400 individuals at member organizations to 1500 individuals.

Continued Rollout Based on the Program Goals

Gary Smith, MD, DrPH, AAAM President and the Bostrom team convened a marketing task force with leaders from each of the six committees to brainstorm content ideas that can be communicated via a variety of platforms and channels. As new tools are introduced, the team stays focused on its goals: increasing sponsorship and revenue and developing e-learning programs. And in one month, AAAM will migrate its email platform to Informz, which will provide much more efficient, engaging and responsive content (and delivery systems).

Working with the Bostrom team, AAAM will continue to travel the road to success.

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