Business Modeling / Strategy Development

Traditionally, a business model was thought of as how a business or association was organized to generate revenue and manage expenses. However, it has become apparent that a broader concept is needed, and now business models are thought of as the overall rationale, vision, and strategy an organization uses to generate value through interaction with stakeholders.

As an organization considers how to deliver value, it must have a flexible mindset to assess the rapidly changing potential ways to deliver on stakeholder expectations and achieve targeted outcomes, and it must maintain the agility to adjust its pace, format, and content accordingly. This, in turn, requires plans to be commensurately flexible and agile if they are to be effective management tools. A plan should be useful on a day-to-day basis as a template against which key decisions are made.

Our approach to strategic planning integrates the business model mapping approach to agile strategy planning elements to form a plan leaders can not only direct to achieve goals but monitor to change if needed.