Membership Development & Engagement

The ease of connection brought about by today’s technological tools has brought into question the very need for associations but they are still a vital and relevant source for building a community and accessing information for a common purpose.

Many membership models are being revisited and restructured, focused solely on providing value when and where the member or content consumer wants it and needs it.

AASECT Annual Conference 112

Making a Connection

Bostrom membership growth and engagement services include a fresh look at how association audiences are connecting and getting their needs met through an association’s content, programming, professional development, networking and more. Content strategy and digital assessments play a much larger role today in identifying how to deliver the right value when and where your members need it.

“In 2016, with Bostrom staff leadership and in partnership with an active committee, the GCA was able to increase membership for the first time in 12 years.”

Alan Friedman

GCA Membership Chair, Greeting Card Association