Interim Management

Organizations are dynamic entities; they grow and change in response to external forces and changing conditions.

The day of the perennial chief executive officer is fading, as new circumstances often demand new leadership skills. Organizations think of their chief staff officer as ever-present. In fact, executive terms have become progressively shorter. And, as organizations require different leadership styles and skill sets, some are deprived of the luxury of finding the right person immediately.

Bostrom assists organization through this frustrating maze by providing an interim executive. The interim executive is an experienced, senior associations executive who has a track record of achieving success for organizations. He or she is a highly qualified individual who can provide guidance and leadership for an association going through major organizational change.

The interim executive provides a steady hand, ensuring that key programs are not disrupted and, often, improving them. This permits the Board to dedicate the necessary time in planning the future of their organization – and to search for the right Executive Director in a measured, well-thought-out manner.

Understanding the assignment is not permanent allows the interim executive to make hard decisions in consultation with organizational leaders. As a “been-there, done-that” professional, the interim manager provides advice to association leaders on potential pitfalls and opportunities – and oversight to ensure new initiatives are implemented.

A Bostrom interim executive can help your organizations maintain – or improve – its momentum during a harrowing time for an organization and its leaders.