Spring has sprung, summer is about a month away.  Have you completed your annual spring cleaning yet?  It’s good practice for every association to annually review their product and service portfolio asking the questions: what to keep?  what to grow? and what to drop?  It’s not an easy task and it takes some thought, analysis and time.

The advantages should be apparent

  • Products and services are kept relevant
  • Products and services support the member value proposition
  • Products and services address member needs
  • Products and services position the association as a vibrant organization

The easiest way to conduct this spring cleaning is to set expectations the year before and see how the product s and services performed against the set expectations.  These expectations need not be all financially based.  Additional criteria might include member satisfaction surveys, strategic considerations and competitive positionings.  The key to success is to establish measurements upfront to ensure the portfolio management process is data/knowledge based driven.  Products and services should not be added or dropped at the whim of some director or senior executive.

The downside to not doing this should be equally apparent- your products and services become irrelevant to your

membership.  Members go elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

What were the outcomes of your spring cleaning this year?