Top 10 Social Media Tools/Tips for Associations

Written by Catherine Wilson

Content Marking Manager, Bostrom

These are the tools I “can’t live without” right now! As my list keeps growing, I find that these tools are consistently solid.

  1. Google Analytics – If you have not put your website on Google Analytics, which is free, do it today. It gives you so much information about your web site including mobile device stats and social media integration. I use the dashboard to provide Bostrom client Boards with a summary of how their website is performing and recommendations for changes to the future.
  2. Mobile First – Consider your mobile stats to re-map the customer journey with mobile in mind. You could have the best looking social media page out there, but that momentum is wasted if the Call to Action (CTA) in a post links back to a non-responsive page. The XRespond app lets you preview your webpage on different devices. You can even test responsiveness on specific monitors.
  3. – This has been an incredible resource for social media marketing. Consider your association’s overarching goals as you develop the organization’s voice on social. It’s important to customize your brand’s message by the platform to strike the right tone. For example, the tone of your association’s LinkedIn page may be very different from your association’s Instagram posts.
  4. Google Alerts – I mentioned it in number 1, but it can definitely stand alone. I use Google Alerts to monitor my key word mentions on the client websites. If you don’t have a dedicated web or social media team, Google Alerts is the perfect tool.
  5. Social Media Plan – I found a spreadsheet for planning social media content and have now incorporated it into my integrated planning document. It lays out the who, what, why, when and where of your social media outlets. I’m happy to share the spreadsheet – just send an email to
  6. Content Marketing Institute – A huge part of our marketing strategies these days with social media and our websites is content. I found to be a great resource on the concept of content marketing. There are many tools, tips and articles on content marketing there and I visit it often.
  7. Writing 101 – Content marketing in the age of social media, Web 2.0 and mobile has drastically changed. No one has time for more than one or two sentences or even phrases. You have to get to the point quickly. Be on the lookout for writing courses geared toward new media outlets because we’re all going to need them!
  8. Canva – Turning out eye-catching posts on a daily basis can become tedious, especially for volunteers. Canva is a free graphic-design website your team can use to customize graphics for social posts. No design experience is necessary and the team folders make sharing work easy.
  9. Video – This is one of THE most powerful tools you have to connect with your audience and build brand awareness. Check out the Top 10 Video Marketing Strategies You Should Be Implementing.
  10. Don’t forget traditional methods – It’s easy to get lost and consumed in the social media tools but you can’t believe how refreshing it is these days to get a hand written note, a piece of mail, or a phone call. Make sure your social media tactics are integrated with traditional platforms – all working together and all supporting your main goals.

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