Bostrom Association Management’s Studio B: The Case for Bringing Video In-house

Written by Jeanne Sheehy

Chief Marketing Officer, Bostrom

According to all of the latest stats, video content is on the rise due to its increased effectiveness in capturing engagement and conversions on social, websites, and mobile phones. When our clients started asking about short videos to highlight conferences, supplement educational programming, send messages from the President and grow membership through testimonials we were only able to quote them expensive projects from professional studios or put together amateur videos at a low cost.

Well, we found a happy medium with our new Studio B! Our marketing team investigated the best way to develop professional style videos in a small studio using volunteer content and engagement and the results have been fantastic. With the purchase of a higher grade camera, lighting, screens and sound equipment, Studio B was up and running for a little under $2,000.

Our Bostrom team has enjoyed the opportunity to bring several of our clients into the spotlight this year. The Professional Insurance Marketing Association took advantage during a recent board meeting held in our conference room by shooting short testimonials about PIMA’s value in membership, networking and conferences. The Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association shot member testimonials as part of their “Why ISHA” campaign. ISHA also recorded a one-hour educational video titled, Introduction to Ethics, providing ISHA members with the opportunity to earn continuing education credit for their state licensure renewal. The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists recently took advantage of their onsite Bylaws Committee Meeting as an opportunity to have individual committee members step into the studio and record quick, engaging videos about their experiences as members of the AASECT community and their personal journeys as sexuality educators, counselors and therapists.

Several other clients are currently on the docket to utilize Studio B for their membership marketing and outreach efforts and we are thrilled to be able to provide a state-of-the-art conduit to increase visibility and fun, effective communication for the associations we support.

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