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Hi! I’m 
Josh Dobbs

I am a Senior Designer at Bostrom

Web Design & Development | Print Design | Video | Event Photography

I have been designing for various media professionally for the past 10 years. As Senior Designer at Bostrom I take the creative lead with concept development and project execution whether for print or digital media. I am currently a member of the Interaction Design Foundation.

My Background

Prior to joining the Bostrom team, I was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army and served overseas as part of the second rotation of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. I then went on to earn a BFA in Graphic Design, graduating with honors at the Art Institute Schaumburg. Right after graduating I started working with non-profit associations, my first position being Design Director at La Leche League International.

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Beyond Bostrom

My Interests

Everything about guitars
Martial Arts & Physical Fitness
Philosophy & Metaphysics

I could talk for days about

Guitar pioneers, tone, and gear
Various martial arts techniques & training
Exploring philosophy and metaphysics

You wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask

I love to fall down rabbit holes. I have been led to rebuilding guitars, gardening our own food, making super awesome Halloween props and décor, bicycle rebuilding and setup, yoga, building home gym equipment and even adopting three bunnies Cider, Marshmallow and Chance.