Hi! I’m 
Jeanne Sheehy, MBA

I am the Chief Marketing Officer at Bostrom

Integrated Marketing Strategist | Technology Enthusiast | Outcomes Focused

I bring more than 30 years of branding, global marketing strategy and integrated marketing expertise to my role at Bostrom. I have a technology industry background that has served me well in today’s data-driven, automated marketing environment where agility and quick assessments are required to keep up with the pace of change.

I am thrilled to lead Bostrom’s agile marketing team in providing creative approaches to association marketing for membership, events, sponsorship and programming. I feel that clearly and concisely articulating value is at the core of brand communications and aligning marketing with growth efforts where they reside in associations has brought success and mission impact to our clients.

I speak on digital transformation, AI for associations and integrated marketing concepts in the association management community and work with our consulting and management clients on new strategies to deliver and communicate value to reach business objectives.

I am truly passionate about technology and the power it can have in listening to audiences, gathering data for improvement, and bringing efficiency to key areas of association management work. Working in the association community has been an incredibly rewarding path for a marketer like myself. I am constantly learning from clients, partners and our incredible staff.

My Background

Prior to joining the Bostrom team, I was a global marketing director for a publicly owned enterprise content management technology company. Being exposed to how structured data is parsed and leveraged in website development gave me an incredible leg-up in my role as a marketer. I was also in charge of language translation for our mobile technologies very early on in the introduction of mobile devices.

Before that, my experience included working for start-up software companies and consumer packaging manufacturing. Within consumer packaging, I was in the promotional products area and was fortunate enough early in my career to work with Fortune 100 creative agencies to support national, licensed product launches with PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, major fast-food chains, and retail stores.

I’ve been active in the association community by serving as past Chair of the AMC Institute, our industry trade organization of association management companies, and have served on SIGs and committees at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and the Association Forum in Chicago.

A Day in the Life of Jeanne Sheehy

Beyond Bostrom

My Interests

Improv Games
French (language, food, anything)

I could talk for days about


You wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask

I took five years of improv classes at Second City in Chicago as a creative outlet and had a blast! It really helped my confidence in speaking and my team interactions.