Ana Barbosa

Hi! I’m 
Anastacia Barbosa

I am a Content Marketing Manager at Bostrom

Creative | Organized | Enthusiastic

Energetic, creative, and data-driven, I’m always strategizing the most unique way to cultivate and execute successful marketing communication campaigns for associations. Utilizing my project management background, I ensure that organization is at the forefront of all cohesive messaging execution.

My Background

With over eight years of experience in digital marketing, working with non-profits, small businesses, and startups, I’m passionate about bringing my well-defined skillsets in social media strategy, copywriting, campaign execution, and branding to associations through Bostrom.

A Day in the Life of Ana Barbosa

Beyond Bostrom

My Interests

Board Games
Museums & Zoos

I could talk for days about…

Mold-a-Rama Machines
Nap Dresses
Foo Fighters

You wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask!

I hiked a lot by myself when I lived in Southern California and logged over 100 miles trekked, over the course of multiple hikes, in one year.