Portrait of Deborah Hamlin

Hi! I’m 
Deborah Hamlin

I am a Consultant at Bostrom

Strategic Thinker | Efficiencies Analyst | Governance Specialist

I bring over 30 years of both professional and trade association experience to the Bostrom consulting team, in the CEO role for the last 25. I find great satisfaction in helping associations be successful in defining and meeting their goals.

I have been in association management for my entire career, starting with my dad’s association management company in Upstate New York. Prior to joining the Bostrom team, I was the CEO of the Irrigation Association, Falls Church, VA, for 15 years. Prior to that I ran the International Association of Plastics Distributors in Kansas City for 10 years. My non-CEO roles were with professional societies, both captive and through association management firms. I am a Fellow the American Society of Association Executives.

Beyond Bostrom

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My Interests

The Arts

I could talk for days about

Learning New Things

Indian Food

The Need for Estate Planning

You wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask

I was very active in the Big Brother Big Sister program for about eight years (see photo), and now I am starting to be a companion for the elderly.