Portrait of Colleen Sullivan

Hi! I’m 
Colleen Sullivan

I am a Consultant at Bostrom

Organizational Culture | Meeting Effectiveness | Collaborative Communication

I bring over 20 years of experience in providing executive coaching, team development sessions and organizational consulting. Through collaborative client conversations, I strive to learn about what they would like to achieve and customize consulting and training efforts to ensure they accomplish their goals.

As an independent consultant, I have been developing and facilitating customized leadership trainings for a multitude of organizations across the country to accelerate their effectiveness, sustain organizational vitality and optimize leadership performance. My consultative efforts incorporate the disciplines of Organizational Development, Systems Thinking, Change Management, and adult learning methodologies, delivering leadership experiences that enable participants to personalize their new learnings into daily practice fostering sustainable change.

Beyond Bostrom

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My Interests

Live Music

I could talk for days about

Classic Rock

Food and new recipes

Great books

You wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask

Before my senior year of college, I took two years off, sold everything I owned and travelled around the world…and yes, I did return and graduate ; )