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Hi! I’m 
Charles Hall

I am on the Consultant Team at Bostrom

Governance | Operations | Strategic Management

I bring over 30 years of association management and professional leadership to my role as a Bostrom consultant. Working as a member of the Bostrom consulting team, I provide expertise in developing and executing strategic and operational projects for clients in the areas of governance, staffing, financial analysis, membership assessment, core mission execution and other components of their association operations. I evaluate and analyze our Bostrom consulting clients’ project needs and make recommendations based on my expertise, having managed various size organizations in many different industries to achieve their specific goals and objectives. My goal is to help our consulting clients ‘build something amazing by working together’.

With over 20 years of career experience in non-profit management, public relations and human resources communication, I founded an association management company in 1995. As CEO of the company, during the next 26 years, I provided the strategic direction and leadership to build the firm to over 30 staff members, managing 17 full-service associations and 9 single project clients. In addition to managing the association management firm over those 26 years, I also served as the Executive Director or Chief Staff Officer for many of our association clients which maintained budgets ranging from less than $500,000 to over $3.0 million. In 2021, I retired from the management company and began a new chapter in association management consulting.

I am a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s and Master of Science Degree. I am a member of the Georgia Society of Association Executives (GSAE), the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), and the Association Management Company Institute (AMCI). I have tried to ‘play it forward’ by giving back to my association management industry by serving on the GSAE Board of Directors (2004-2009), GSAE Foundation Chair 2009, AMCI Board of Directors (2009-2016), and Board Chair 2015. In addition, I have served on numerous community, alumni, Georgia 4-H and church Boards and committees. In 2011, I was recognized by GSAE with the Clifford Clark Award which is their highest honor presented for career achievement and leadership. In 2017 I was honored to receive the Glenn Bostrom Award, the highest award presented by AMCI which recognizes career service, quality and excellence.

Beyond Bostrom

Portrait of Charles Hall
My Interests

Georgia Bulldawgs
The grandkids (6 – including 4 yr. old twins)
My tractor – gentleman farming

I could talk for days about

Georgia Bulldawgs (Back-to-Back National Champions)

You wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask

My interest in agriculture started early in my life. I was the 1968 Georgia State 4-H Winner in the Fruit and Vegetable Project. However, I have never had a home garden since graduating from high school in 1968. One other special fact is my wife and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2022.