Enterprise-wide Organizational Analysis

Enterprise-wide Organizational Analysis is a holistic, comprehensive approach to aligning an association’s strategic direction, overall business model and operational configuration.

As associations face complex, fast-paced change, and unpredictable business and work environments, a key to success is developing a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the total organization. It is no longer enough to optimize the component parts of the association, it is necessary to understand how they work together to form a total system. The meshing of those interdependent segments into a well-designed and coordinated whole creates internal synergy and provides consistent direction and impact.

Enterprise-wide organizational analysis addresses the following questions:

  • How does the business model fit into and support the overall mission and direction in the strategic plan?
  • How does the revenue diversification strategy fit into and complement the business plan?
  • Is there a digital strategy that supports and complements the overall mission and business model?
  • How does the association’s human capital plan support and complement all of the critical elements of the strategic plan and business model?
  • How do the marketing objectives and strategies serve the business model, revenue diversification strategy and membership objectives?
  • How does the membership plan complement the business model?
  • How do the programs and services fit into the membership model, business model, and revenue diversification objectives?

Business Modeling

Human Capital Development

Revenue Diversification

Integrated Marketing & Branding

Digital Strategy