Catherine Wilson

Content Marketing Manager

Role at Bostrom

A content marketing manager with Bostrom, Catherine supports initiatives to drive visibility, engagement and traffic to our clients’ membership programs and special events. Cat manages social media and web content for numerous clients and specializes in e-blasts and newsletters. She is passionate about disrupting the status quo to create a personal connection between brand and audience.


Having earned a BA in Communications from Manhattanville College, Cat returned to Chicago with experience in marketing, social media management and fundraising. She loves to explore the vast food, music, and comedy scenes Chicago has to offer and craves the warmer months when pop-up markets and colorful festivals line the streets of the city.


  • Comedy – stand-up is ideal, but laughing with anyone will do!
  • Cooking – brining your chicken breasts will change your life.
  • Collecting random facts – did you know that brining your chicken breasts will change your life?
  • Anything and everything to do with the water – 2017 summer challenge: let go of the tow rope.

Favorite Places in Chicago

  • Second City
  • The South Shore
  • Big Star
  • Garfield Park Conservatory
  • Ron of Japan: egg sauce = happiness.