Jeanne Sheehy (Chief Marketing Officer), speaking on an international panel of association industry leaders about the Power of Partnerships at IMEX Frankfurt 2024 this past May.

Katie Keel (Strategic Director & Senior Account Executive) and Martin Jimenez (Program Director) attended and supported the Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Institute‘s (ESCSI) Midyear Meeting and Awards in Denver, Co, this past May.

Lauren Friedman (Associate), Katie Keel (Strategic Director & Senior Account Executive), Dede Gish-Panjada (Chief Operations Officer),  and Randi Flowers (Program Manager) attended and facilitated the Spring 2024 Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine‘s (AAAM) board meeting in Chicago, Il. After a long day of strategic planning, the staff and client team enjoyed dinner at Osteria Via Stato.

Kate Temple (Chief People Officer) and  Ghaniya Laeeq (HR Associate – not pictured), attended HR Source’s AltogetherHR Conference in Naperville, Il. Kate contributed strategies to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace on a “Real World DEI” panel.