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Misty Bowen

I am an Associate at Bostrom

Creative Strategy | Methodical Research | Deep Thinker

I am an associate of Bostrom and currently serve one of our largest clients, NAB, the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards. I support this client’s day to day operations, as well as assist in the planning of meetings and digital content.

My specific responsibilities with NAB largely revolve around providing customer service and technical support to administrators and sponsors of NAB approved continuing education courses. Administrators seeking a Nursing Home Administration (NHA) license or Resident Care/Assisted Living (RCAL) Home license use NAB to apply for examinations. It has been my role to advise them on how they can apply for testing and offer study material curated by the NAB. After administrators pass, I continue to provide customer support by assisting them with signing up for and maintaining access to their Continuing Education Registry. This allows administrators to track credits needed for license renewal and something they depend on NAB for to continue their vital careers. Here, I assist with technical support, advise on account creation and maintenance so that administrators using the CE Registry will be able to retain their license at renewal time.

In additional to exam support and the CE Registry, another aspect of my role is assigning reviewers to evaluate continuing education courses submitted to us by NAB approved sponsors. The National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) reviews these programs and my role is to assign reviewers, analyze submissions for errors or areas of improvement, and to communicate with sponsors on the status of their program submissions.

Most currently, I have begun supporting the planning of NAB’s meetings. This includes preparing supplies and organizing a logistics timeframe for materials to be delivered to the meeting place.

I have also begun the early stages of planning and writing content for NAB’s bi-annual newsletter.

My Background

Prior to joining the Bostrom team, I was an account executive at a non-profit direct mail firm in Fairfax, Virginia where I helped manage the needs of multiple organizations. At the time, I served over twenty non-profit clients where I helped plan and implement strategically sound direct mail plans to fund their associations’ missions.

I attended George Mason University where I received my Bachelor’s in Anthropology with a concentration in culture and history. This line of study was something I was very passionate about as I was able to not only limited to following the instruction of my professors, but also, I took on the opportunity to head my own research projects. One such project included writing a mini ethnography based on the daily lives of players in an online video game without breaching into who they were in the “real world”. I was able to present this project to my peers at the end of that semester. Not only did they find the content fascinating, but it fueled them to also explore opportunities to begin their own independent research projects. As passionate as I was about my work, I felt this was the most significant outcome. I was very proud to have inspired my peers and I base much of my work ethic on this experience.

Prior to attending George Mason, I earned my associate’s degree in liberal arts at Northern Virginia Community College and in tandem, worked various customer service positions. Working in retail associate positions definitely helped hone the customer service experience I still use today with Bostrom’s clients. Although I will never return to those types of positions, I believe it helped develop my passion for providing support to customers in an environment that requires empathy, observation, and effective execution.



Beyond Bostrom

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Video Games
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You wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask

I’ve formed my closest friendships by chance while playing online video games. Despite being as far away as the other side of the country and beyond, those that I’ve met have stayed with me for years. It seems as though the notion of “don’t meet strangers on the internet” has become an old-fashioned idea.