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L. Loren

I am a Program Manager at Bostrom

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I am a Program Manager and am currently serving one of Bostrom’s largest clients. I primarily assist with academic accreditation and meeting planning. I also assist customers with day to day needs, technical support, and licensing.

My main responsibilities are to help steward various universities through academic accreditation processes to ensure that a quality education is provided to students that will meet state and federal needs for licensure. Through this process, I provide customer support and assistance to universities. Additionally, I assist in managing and planning of various meetings throughout the year. Through this role, I consider and manage timelines, communication, and logistical needs for the implementation of the events.

My role here has provided me with the ability to learn new things every day and appreciate the ability to grow. I am always happy to learn and grow with such great company!

My Background

Prior to joining the Bostrom team, I was a Training Specialist at a large grocery chain and in Venue Site Relations for a non-profit organization. As a Training Specialist, I was responsible for the onboarding and continued training of over 300 employees. Through this role, I also managed and planned various training and engagement events. In Venue Site Relations, I managed various hotels and the convention center for the use of the organization during meetings and large conventions including with housing and equipment needs. Each of these roles have helped me to hone my skills in relationship building and customer service.
I attended the School of the Art Institute where I received my BFA in Art Education with a certification in K-12 education. Art is my passion and method of expression, but my focus in education and teaching was inclusion, creative problem solving and self-discovery. I find these focuses not only necessary, but transferable from one field to the next. This is especially true moving from public education to corporate education to Bostrom.

Beyond Bostrom

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I was the captain of my high school girl’s chess team, and we won the All-Girls National Chess Championship 2 years in a row.