Portrait of Kebron Wondwossen

Hi! I’m 
Kebron Wondwossen

I am an associate at Bostrom

Customer Service | Organization | Adaptable

I am the receptionist in the DC office. I am one of the first voices our client will hear when they call Bostrom. I also work with IACC as an associate which includes sending out membership information and updating company profiles on IACC’s website. I also make sure that IACC’s database is up to date with new memberships, contact information of our members, and cancellation of memberships.

My Background

Prior to joining the Bostrom team, I had many experiences of event planning with non-profit organizations. Events ranged from helping children from the ages of 12 to 14 years old develop different learning skills to spreading knowledge and awareness to environment injustice. I attended American University and received a BA in Sociology. Through my university years, I have done a lot of research and papers on African Americans’ experiences in the US healthcare system. My work experience during that time consisted of customer service, community service, and programming assistance.

Beyond Bostrom

My Interests

Hanging out with friends and family
Learning new cultures

I could talk for days about

TV Shows

You wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask

I am from Massachusetts and my parents immigrated from Ethiopia. Out of curiosity of my culture, I lived in Ethiopia for nearly a year when I was in middle school. That experience not only taught me a lot about my culture, I became quite fluent in the national language Amharic.