Friday already…, this week went fast. I’m sitting at SFO waiting four more hours for a flight to Hawaii for a client meeting where I will be doing a demo for a new website for their Executive Committee, Board, and membership.

Closer to home, I launched Bostrom’s website in January and our rankings were phenomenal — a digital trifecta: first page on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  But since January, we’ve been pushed further and further back and I’m reminded of the importance of staying on top of SEO rankings. It’s a full-time job and it’s not inexpensive.

I called our expert web development partner, Orbit Media.  In five minutes, I had insights into some simple things I could do to see quick results and a couple of inexpensive tools to help improve SEO:

  • Do some key word research – this is where a tool like SEMRush could come in handy
  • Check title tags to ensure they reflect those key words where you want to rank high
  • H1 tags are key for having those phrases as are descriptions (170 characters)
  • Think about who is linking to your site – one of our clients ranks in the top 10 sites that refer back to our site so logically my next step will be to ask other clients to do the same. I also thought about our trade association work and our partners – are they linking back to us? Now I have a list of at least 30 companies to work with and reciprocal links.
  • Use tools like SEMRush and Moz to help improve SEO – I found an excellent article comparing the two tools.

I’m using these tactics during the next couple of weeks and I’ll report back soon.  In the meantime, give them a spin yourself and see how your SEO results improve.