As associations grow their memberships, increase conference attendance, add new committees, and implement new programs, staff time increases and priority lists are made. It’s no doubt that associations experience growth in membership and responsibilities, yet still find that certain tasks fall to the wayside. Bostrom’s outsourcing services benefit associations in various capacities and help keep organizations on track with meeting their mission. Bostrom provides outsourcing expertise on a continuing basis or to fill a temporary need. Our experience as association managers enables us to bring a similar commitment to our clients’ missions. We become an extension of your staff, and our regularly scheduled status reports and ongoing communication keep you informed of progress at all times. Essentially, outsourcing allows the management team to direct its focus to areas that offer the greatest competitive advantage. It allows managers to redirect resources from non-core activities to those that have a greater return in serving the member and meeting the mission–and it enables leaders to expend capital funds on core business areas.

“COO-Down Support:” The Ultimate Outsource

Bostrom provides a “Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Down Support” program permitting the CEO of an association to focus on key programs and issues and curtail the need to spend a disproportionate amount of time on management, operating procedures and staff concerns. Under Bostrom’s Ultimate Outsource solution, the CEO continues as a direct employee of the association, preserving direct control, core competencies, institutional memory–and independence. This model has been successful when a requirement of the CEO is to have a specialized background such as medical, engineering, construction, etc. For more information on the COO-Down Support model contact us.