Human Capital Development

Attracting, retaining, and properly utilizing talent is the most important factor in association performance.

Associations have focused on strengthening their Employee Value Proposition to attract the best talent and minimize the disruption and cost of talent “jumping ship.” Bostrom uses a multi-faceted approach to help associations develop sound human resource plans:

  • Develop an Employee Value Proposition plan that is an integral part of an association’s strategy, with top management involvement, leadership support and active HR oversight
  • Conduct a thorough staffing analysis then develop a talent development strategy and implementation plan

In addition to these planning-oriented human capital services, Bostrom offers support services to assist in implementation and ongoing management:

  • CEO/Executive Director succession plans
  • Interim executive director services
  • CEO/Executive Director and senior staff coaching

Executive search assistance (advice and sourcing)

“Bostrom’s team assigned to this account has done an extraordinary job in each essential facet of association management.  It has provided both exceptionally effective staff leadership and has developed a level of member engagement that would be hard to imagine achieving without Bostrom in the picture.  We are simply not large enough to afford this level of talent and depth of support on our own.”

Dr. Keith Knapp

Chairman, National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards

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