Digital Strategy

All associations are affected by the impact of the digital age and must be able to access and utilize digital tools and capabilities strategically.  A digital strategy is a comprehensive, integrated approach to incorporating components of message, audience, media choices, and technology needed to thrive in the digital age.

A digital strategy is more than just an IT plan; it requires a comprehensive understanding of both the technology itself and the ways it affects the many uses to which it is applied. A digital strategy optimizes how new digital technologies are applied to existing business as well as identifying new business opportunities enabled by digital capability. A digital strategy:

  • Identifies and assesses the organization’s digital capability and potential digital scope
  • Modifies how current activities utilize digital capabilities and improvements that can be made to better leverage digital capabilities
  • Evaluates new opportunities to utilize digital capabilities to expand the organization’s scope and/or reach
  • Develops a roadmap for optimizing digital capability and applications, including technology enhancement, personnel implications, and alignment with the organization’s overall strategic and business objectives

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Digital Strategy

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