Content Strategy

According to Nasheen Liu, VP of marketing at The IT Media Group, content marketing is to mindfully create and share valuable messaging that attracts a consistent readership, influences mindshare, and accelerates buying decisions.

Digital, social, earned and owned.  Bostrom writes content that resonates.  We identify the best channels and then create the content that will help you achieve your organization’s communications goals.

We approach content with three goals in mind:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Speak in your audience’s language
  3. Initiate an action

Whether your association’s content is digital, print, educational, informative, etc. your overall content strategy must be a cohesive plan to build brand consistency, deliver upon your value propositions with efficient, effective communication, and keep your target audiences engaged.

We’ve been impressed by Bostrom’s contributions. The whole team seems to work well together, and are excellent communicators. They are on-task, ahead of the herd, and have been demanding though respectful about the need to meet deadlines.

Carlos E. LLansó

CEO, Legacy Publishing Group, Inc.

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