Ken MonroeI firmly believe that face-to-face meetings will continue to be vibrant and attractive to members because humans want that personal connection. Digital technology, social networks, and mobile applications are additive to the face-to-face experience, but we are still learning what that future landscape will look like.”

Those 2014 insights from ASAE CEO John Graham ring true today. Meetings are attractive to members of all ages: Millennials, Gen X-ers, and Boomers; they know there’s no substitute for face-to-face meetings. Discussing issues and ideas across the table – or feeling the energy people create by being in the same room — is something even the best technology cannot deliver.

At Bostrom, all of our clients hold meetings from 3,000+ attendees with large trade shows to small leadership retreats. They see the value in meetings as a communications tool — to inspire and educate their members and provide an environment conducive to collaboration. Some of our team’s recent successes include: record-breaking attendance, increase in mobile app usage and integrated marketing initiatives to deliver meeting content through recorded sessions, podcasts, social media, and post-conference webinars.

In this issue of SOLUTiONS, I’ve shortened my usual column so that we can share with you the latest in meetings – strategies, destinations, best practices – as well as some recent research on the important role association management companies (AMCs) play in the overall financial health of associations. I hope you enjoy these insights. I’ll resume my regular column this summer.