There is a transition well underway in how associations distribute information.  This platform which up until a few years ago was primarily print is fast being replaced by the internet and all things digital.  And,  social media (SM) is emerging as a platform of choice.  Social media is making new audiences and these audiences are creating audiences.  In any transition, like this,  there is opportunity.  Associations need to seize this opportunity to cement new relationship formats with their members.

Associations and people like connections.  SM is redefining how we do this and communicate.  What does it mean to be an effective communicator today?  Can your association or you be an effective communicator and not be active on Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube,  etc.?

Everyone is talking to everybody.  Anything can be communicated and will be communicated.  There are no limits on who can join in on the conversation and what they say.  Many are competing for the same audience.  The challenge is to rise above the clutter to be heard and seen.

What will be your association’s strategy be when everything is social (distributed)?  Is it up to speed with your member’s social medianess?     Before you put the final touches on that strategy check out Ryan Holmes as he shares his insights on the six Can’t Miss Social Media Trends For 2013, .  He cites social media’s migration beyond the marketing department to the entire association, the trend of the C-suite  formalizing a top-down SM strategy and the need to better manage the overwhelming amount of data brought on by the SM phenomena.  Understanding these trends and what they mean for your association will be key to your SM success.