SOLUTiONS: Tell us about your career path at Bostrom.

MB: I left Caribou Coffee Company in 2011 as the industry certification trainer and began an entry level position as an Associate with Bostrom. I began helping out where I could. If that meant working receptions, greeting guests, answering phones, and alphabetizing name badges, I was there to help. Since we have a wide variety of clients and rotating client meetings, there was a fluid stream of roles to fill. I worked with a variety of trade associations in certification program fulfillment orders, membership database entry and record keeping. I was even able to provide support with medical and professional society meetings. I became an Executive Assistant with the Council of Medical Specialty Societies and membership manager for the National Association of Housing Cooperatives. I was able to highlight my growing skills and continue to work with three to four client meetings a year.

SOLUTiONS: Bostrom is all about Agile Association Management. What does that mean to you? How does it help your clients?

MB: Being agile is fundamental to association management culture. Being agile is crucial at times when a client expects you to be responsive, even while traveling. But knowing the difference between urgent and a priority is important because that’s what makes your communications with the client, or its members, stand out.

SOLUTiONS: Bostrom’s “B” advertising campaign — what does working at Bostrom inspire you to “be?”

MB: Working at Bostrom has allowed me to grow, both personally and professionally. Bostrom has created a work environment that allows leadership growth and mentorship at the same time. I’m fortunate the Bostrom team has years of experience, certified professionals and unlimited resources to help with new challenges. I’ve received guidance and advice that have helped me identify creative solutions to difficult projects. I continue to develop management skills and an overall better understanding of the ever-changing association industry.

SOLUTiONS: What’s your role at Bostrom?

MB: I am the Executive Director of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives and the Director of Administration for the International Biometric Society. Both organizations serve large, national and international membership bases and I am the direct liaison to the boards of directors, the members, and to the public.

SOLUTiONS: What’s the best part of your job and/or working at Bostrom?

MB: The best part is the ability to grow. Whether I’m serving the board or assisting a member, I enjoy challenging questions, learning new skills, and working in an environment that promotes growth.