SOLUTiONS spoke recently with Bostrom’s new Director of Marketing and Creative, Michael Baccelli.

Michael Baccelli
SOLUTiONS: We understand Director of Marketing – but what is a Director of Creative?

Baccelli: To me, creative is all-encompassing. It takes many forms: everything from being creative in your thinking, idea generation and approach to offering a creative idea for a specific tactic – like a website, an event or even a newsletter. I consider the concept of “design” to be more aligned with execution.

SOLUTiONS: Tell us about some of the new creative services Bostrom offers.

Baccelli: Essentially, we’re developing a full-service marketing department within Bostrom to provide value – and “one-stop shopping” for clients. When it’s fully- developed, this internal “agency” will offer digital experts, content developers, marketing services, design and creative for clients. Our team will offer the agility and ideas clients want and need to succeed.

SOLUTiONS: Why is Bostrom developing this capability now?

Baccelli: We live in a 24/7 world where just about everything – and everyone — seems to vie for our attention. Increasingly, our clients – associations, trade and professional societies – need to stay relevant to differentiate themselves and get their members’ attention in this crowded (and noisy) marketplace.

SOLUTiONS: Tell us about some of the projects your team is creating.

Baccelli: Where do I start? There are so many large (and small) initiatives we are working on for clients right now that it’s hard to name just a few. For example, we are developing a comprehensive re-brand for one client, which involves creating a new identity, brand standards, developing a trade show booth, an app., updating a website (from top to bottom) and introducing an annual meeting. Another client had an immediate need for new business cards and web ads, so our team designed and delivered both. Those two examples demonstrate the creative breadth, depth and speed at which our team operates.

SOLUTiONS: What’s your background?

Baccelli: I’ve worked in small, creative marketing agencies for most of my career in a variety of roles (designer, art director, creative director and partner in a Chicago firm). I’ve developed large and small programs for clients – everything from branding and web development to event marketing and publications. Bostrom was a client of mine several years ago when I was a partner at a Chicago marketing/design firm so marketing for associations is something I’ve been involved in for several years. For me, working at Bostrom is a “homecoming” of sorts. I’m excited to bring my expertise to help build our creative team to help our clients advance their missions.

SOLUTiONS: How should clients work with you?

Baccelli: I am always glad to talk through client marketing/creative issues and challenges. Or, you may just need some “marketing inspiration.” You can either contact me directly ( or coordinate through your account executive