With March Madness kicking off this evening, it seems appropriate to look to the basketball world for a little business management guidance.  Shaquille O’Neal spoke at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival last week and gave some simple pointers to his success in life after basketball (http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226057).  Shaq’s advice:

  1. Partner with great people
  2. Have a support group
  3. Make a product simple to use
  4. Aim high

While clearly there are no new thought-provoking strategies here, perhaps that’s the point.  As association management professionals, we often get too wrapped up in the latest industry trends and forget the basics.  Bright people working together to create straightforward solutions to an organization’s challenges will produce results in any environment.

Although Shaq won four NBA titles, he never made it to the Sweet Sixteen in his three years at LSU.  Perhaps that would have been different if he had applied his fourth principle to his free throw shooting!