Kellie Braband

Account Executive

Role at Bostrom

As the Executive Director of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), Kellie works closely with the Board of Directors to promote the organization’s mission and vision. She provides leadership, strategic direction and oversight of all finances, programs, marketing and events, and collaborates with committee chairs, members, staff and vendors to establish creative, innovative and personalized solutions tied to organizational strategic goals.


Kellie has varied professional experience in market research, education, marketing, communications and small business management. She is a creative thinker and problem solver with versatile experience and a passion for non-profit organization management, event planning and fundraising. Working for a variety of companies, Kellie has managed website design, created and implemented marketing and advertising initiatives, produced special events and meetings, and worked to clarify brand positioning and messaging for major corporations. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at The University of Illinois Chicago.


  • Cooking
  • Singing
  • Writing
  • Taking road trips around the Midwest

Favorite Places in Chicago