Board orientation is a critical component to advancement of any association’s mission. During board orientation members are given an initiation to board service; an introduction to the organization, its mission, and programs; clarification of future time and financial demands; an opportunity to get to know other team members; and a chance to form an educated foundation for the coming years on the board. Bostrom’s approach has long been to give boards the tools they need to stay strategic, focused and outcome oriented.

Leadership training comes in many forms depending on the audience, goals, and future direction of the association. Our consultants are well-versed in many training programs such as generational differences, leading teams, nonprofit leadership skills, etc.


“Bostrom’s team assigned to this account has done an extraordinary job in each essential facet of association management.  It has provided both exceptionally effective staff leadership and has developed a level of member engagement that would be hard to imagine achieving without Bostrom in the picture.  We are simply not large enough to afford this level of talent and depth of support on our own.  This “bench strength” is one of our most valued benefits of the relationship…from solid financial management to organizing sound governance, conference planning, member productivity, timely communication and advocacy.” Dr. Keith Knapp

Chairman, National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards