Our approach to educational development includes an analysis of current programming along with ideas and strategy for future initiatives. We seek to increase participation, deliver more value, and maximize net revenue with a focus and connection to your mission and strategic goals. We also help you stretch beyond traditional ideas on courses or tutorials to encompass social media, virtual events, and informal learning. Our services in this area include the following approach:


  • Full review of current program, standards used, criteria developed and process for evaluation and certification approval.
  • Assess program validity and defensibility based on best practices in developing evidence based standards, evaluation, and measurement.
  • Review proposed credential maintenance and renewal standards to assure compliance and opportunities for improvement.
  • Review governing documents to assure avoidance of conflict of interest, confidentiality, fairness, and process for challenges, complaints and disciplinary actions (i.e. denial, probation, suspension, revocation).
  • Recommendations to the current program based on above audit findings.

Pricing Analysis

  • Program comparison to similar certification or accreditation programs in the market or in complementary markets.
  • Four to six interviews of current target market companies to gauge pricing model.

Business Plan

  • Review current business plan and add to financial estimates.
  • Recommend elements of the plan to enhance or add.

Marketing Strategy

  • Build out integrated marketing plan outline in detail with strategies and associated cost estimates for launching program.
  • Supply integrated marketing calendar as template for implementation planning.


“Bostrom’s team assigned to this account has done an extraordinary job in each essential facet of association management.  It has provided both exceptionally effective staff leadership and has developed a level of member engagement that would be hard to imagine achieving without Bostrom in the picture.  We are simply not large enough to afford this level of talent and depth of support on our own.  This “bench strength” is one of our most valued benefits of the relationship…from solid financial management to organizing sound governance, conference planning, member productivity, timely communication and advocacy.”

Dr. Keith Knapp

Chairman, National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards